After several years of my friends and family encouraging me to offer Thai cookery lessons, I have set up Mai Thai Chef. As for my motivation, where do I start?

Food has always been a passion of mine. From a very young age I can remember spending all my spare time in the kitchen with my Mum, Aunty or Granny and helping them make food. I was born in Bangkok, where I grew up with my brother and sister. The kitchen was the heart of family home. I absorbed my culinary skills by watching, learning, tasting and shopping with my mum. I didn’t realise it at the time but I was picking up the cooking skills I use today.  My love of cooking just grew from there.

As my father is a dentist, he encouraged me to do a medical degree. However, because I don’t like to be told what to do, I chose to learn engineering instead! After I finished my engineering degree, I worked in the engineering field for 8 years and then decided to come to UK to do my MBA where I met my future husband. Shortly after graduating, we got married and later moved out from London to have a family.

Although I enjoy engineering, my real love is for food – eating, cooking, entertaining and the enjoyment that goes with it. After years of trial and error, practice and creativity in the kitchen I have dozens of tried and tested recipes. I’m eager for other people to learn to cook. Thai food is all about cooking from the heart and I would love more than anything to pass on my passion and enthusiasm to others – to get people in the kitchen cooking Thai food and, most importantly, enjoying learning the art that is Thai cooking.

I have my lovely friends in UK and family in Thailand to thank for supporting me throughout the creation of “Mai Thai Chef”.

Whether you’re looking to book a cookery lesson for yourself, having a cooking party with your friends, or a dinner party with that special touch please get in touch – the aim of my service is to fit with your needs and requirements.

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