•  Chicken Satay: Grilled strips of chicken marinated in Thai spices and served with a lightly spiced peanut sauce. (NEW)
  • Kanom Pang Na Goong: (Sesame Prawn on Toast) Minced Prawn, mixed herbs and spice on toast, topped with sesame seeds, then deep fried, served with sweet chillies sauce. (NEW) 


  • Tom Yum Goong/Gai: Traditional Thai hot & sour clear soup, flavoured with lemongrass, lemon juice, lime leaves, chilies and coriander with Chicken/ Prawn.
  • Tom Kha Gai/Goong: A soup with coconut milk and flavoured with lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves galangal, lime juice, fresh chili, coriander and mushroom with Chicken/Prawn.


  • Grilled Beef/ Pork Spicy Salad: Spicy salad of marinated and grilled sirloin beef/ Pork chop with Thai herbs, chilies flake, mints, roasted rice and Thai salad dressing juice. (NEW)
  • Tuna Spicy Salad: Spicy tuna salad with fresh chilies, shallot, herbs and Thai salad dressing served with iceberg lettuce. (NEW)


Main Course


Curry   **You will learn how to make curry paste from scratch**

  • Kaeng Kiew Wan Gai/Goong: Chicken/Prawn in homemade Thai green curry sauce with aubergines (or vegetable of your choices) and fresh Thai herbs.
  • Kaeng Phed Gai/Goong: Chicken/Prawn in homemade Thai red curry sauce with fresh Thai herbs and bamboo shoots or aubergines (or vegetable of your choices).
  • Penang Neua/Gai: Beef/Chicken in a creamy and aromatic panang curry sauce with kaffir lime leaves. (NEW)

Stir Fried

  • Phad Num Prik Pao Goong/ Gai/ Mooh: Prawn/Chicken /Pork Stir fried with vegetable and chili paste.
  • Gai/Moo/Neua Phad Khing: Chicken/ Pork/ Beef Stir fried with ginger and spring onion.(NEW)
  • Goong Tod  Gratiem Prik Thai : Prawn fried with Garlic and White Pepper.  
  • Pad Pak Kom: Spinach stir fried with garlic, chili and soya sauce


  • Gai/Goong Pad Thai Noodle: Fried rice noodles with Chicken/King Prawn, bean sprouts or mixed vegetable, eggs and tamarind sauce
  • Kao Pad Tom Yum Goong: Stir Fried Rice with prawn with Lemongrass, Galangal and Chili Paste (Tom Yum Style). (NEW)

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